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Designed to mentor, support, and equip parents and children with the necessary skills to become future entrepreneurs.

Who Is It For?

Our workshops are for aspiring entrepreneurs who:
- Feel the strain of splitting their time between two "babies" - their children and their business
- Are ready to learn how to create a business while balancing life outside of work
- Want their children to learn about entrepreneurship and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit

What Are The Programs?

Program features Mompreneurs Kidspreneurs
Description Increase your financial aptitude through personal development and entrepreneurship training. The program starts with fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, determining whether the entrepreneurial lifestyle is right for participants, and helping participants to clarify personal and professional goals. Kids grow in confidence and begin to think like entrepreneurs as they learn computational thinking techniques and use tools to create social impact companies. This program teaches children how to apply business principles to ventures that drive profit and how to solve critical social issues. Students will be inspired to launch their social impact ventures and pitch their businesses for backing.
Great for English and Spanish speaking mothers in the DC metro area as well as organizations and schools that want to invest in helping mothers and children learn how to launch their own businesses. Schools and organizations that want to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in children.
Sessions A series of five one-hour workshops A series of five one-hour workshops
Participants Up to 20 individuals per session Up to 15 kids per session
Age range: 7 to 12 years
Length One semester (with flexible options) One semester (with flexible options)
Sessions Lifestyle + Mindset of an Entrepreneur Assessing Your Idea + Target Market Creating Your Business Model + Marketing Strategies Startup Budget + Funding Pitch Competition: For Parents and Kids. Become a Kidpreneur! Entrepreneurial Ideas + Thinking about Your Customers Technology Can Improve and Empower Us Learn about Money Pitch Competition: For Parents and Kids