Rules For Single Parents

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11 March, 2018
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14 March, 2018

There is no easy path to become a successful single parent; however, you should  keep your calm by finding an outlet for emotions, commit to get ready for future events and Set Clear Goals for both Short and Long Term!

I decided to share the “rules” I consider that all single parents need to know to make single parenting easier:

RULE 1: Be yourself! nothing more is required.You do not have to be a super-single parent, hero warrior or champion…just you.The loving parent that your kids want and deserve to have!

RULE 2 : Foster bond and connection for you and your children

RULE #3 Life goes on! Foster confidence, Individually and as a new family unit# nopowerless #succeed #unit #singleparentpower

RULE #4 Make emotional recovery individually and together to move forward. It is a priority!  your emotions are real and should not be denied!


Embrace your new status as a new family and be involved #qualitytime #newfamily #newlife #makingsingleparentingEASIER

RULE 6 embrace the new, discovering it together ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE AND AVAILABLE

RULE #7 Sometimes revisit and rethink about what you are doing as a single parent – rethink about  the way how you are becoming disciplined, cool off and use good judgment

RULE #8 Recharge your own energies and load your batteries, take time and space for yourself to better help and support others

RULE #9 Respecting each others being, preferences,  sharing and socializing with others are all important lessons to learn with the family and at home to get prepared better for life.

RULE #10 :  Make the most of every opportunity to show your family that you love, care, support and champion on their best interests.

For me these rules mean: EMPOWER and be the champion of your life! What do you think? How many people say YES?

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